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The Best Ways to Reach Your Facebook Target Market

Over at Facebook, your struggle does not end with getting people to like your Penrith business page. Fact is, that's just the start. A like does not guarantee that your posts will show up in your followers' timeline. It does sometimes, of course – but not always. This is because of Facebook's algorithm, which has consistently decreased the organic reach of a business page's posts.

There are strategies that you can use to work around the Facebook algorithm. You don't always have to click on “Boost Post” and buy a place in your fan's timeline.

Facebook Boost Post
Of course, Facebook advertising is always an alternative. For as little as $1 a day, you can boost the visibility of your post on your followers timeline. Sponsored posts are ways to get to your audience, without looking like blatant advertising. These posts look like usual Facebook posts.

When you decide to do this however, make sure your posts are engaging enough to convert into likes and clicks. This is, after all, what you're after in the first place. If the post that you boost is boring, it might just be ignored like any boring post on a person's timeline.

Mind Your Content
What you share on Facebook matters when it comes to your visibility on your followers timeline. The algorithm used by the social media behemoth gives priority to engaging content. Thus, posts that get a lot of clicks, likes and shares are more likely to appear in people's timelines.

Here, good quality content works best. Quality content is content that your audience is interested in. This could be an image, video, blog post and what-not. The type of content that works depends on your audience. You can check through your page's analytics page, or what Facebook calls Insights.

Through Insights, you get a graph of your posts' engagements – their likes and shares – and see which type of content works.

Another type of content that is known to get a lot of attention is exclusive content. This is typically content that offers your followers exclusive deals. By exclusive, we mean deals that are only known by those who liked your page on Facebook. These posts are known to get more likes and shares, which would then lead Facebook to show your post on more timelines.

Experiment with Different Media
Like previously mentioned, you can post different media types on Facebook. Your status need not be all text, all the time. You can include links to your website or blog, videos, photos and memes.

Experiment with different formats and see which works best for your audience.

One thing to keep in mind though is the attention spans of typical social media users. Photos and memes are sure attention-grabbers and “easy to digest.” Blog posts or anything that needs more focus are not so popular. Videos, on the other hand, are good too but requires bandwidth, which make them dependent on your phone, carrier and wi-fi availability.

Another point of consideration is how some experts say that Facebook deprioritises posts that share memes as these are deemed as low-quality content. This shouldn't cause you to worry though. There are good memes and there are bad memes. Continue to post memes if you think that your audience can identify with it. If they can be engaged through memes, your post will appear on more timelines.

Get Personal
Keep your Facebook friends in mind when you want to promote your business page and your posts. They can help you reach a lot more people – people not connected to you.

Import your friends list and have them like your page and post. Ask for their help. Ask them to like and share your page and posts. If they help you out, it would boost the visibility of your posts.

Get with Other Social Media Networks
Don't forget the other social media outlets even when you want to promote your Facebook page. Don't limit your promotion just within Facebook, which is crowded enough as is. Use Pinterest, LinkedIn and others to generate interest for your website, product and, of course, Facebook page.

Post Regularly, and Often
With the reduced chances of getting organic views on Facebook, you need to fight back with numbers. One post a day is not enough. Post good content at least four times a day. This increases the possibility of at least having one of your post show up in the timelines of your followers.

Encourage User Participation
Nothing fires up your Facebook page more than user participation. When you encourage your users to post on your page or tag you in a post, it makes them feel more important, more involved with what you're trying to do on your page.

You can do this through status sharing, photo sharing and on-page apps. This is likely to engage more people, and get you more likes and shares.

An example here is a photo sharing campaign of people using your products or passing by your storefront. When they post photos of these and tag you in their posts or share on your page, your reach magnifies beyond those who like you. People within the circles of your followers also find out about your page and product.

You can then rework these posts and tags to compile thematic albums that tag your participation followers – again, another way to reach their circle of Facebook friends.

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