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A Penrith Website Designer's New Year's Resolutions

2014 has been a roller coaster year for design, web development, search engine optimisation and all things that concern websites. We took the ride and tumbled with glee as tides turn; Google updates its algorithm for the nth time; and standards and best practices are updated to conform to changing user requirements.

Here, we've drafted our list of design dos and dont's – our New Year's resolutions, if we may say so. This is a collection of what we've learned so far, and what we need to do to ensure that we do a great job for you!

Be responsive.
This is not just about being the attentive web design team that we need to be for our clients. This is also about the designs that we do. This year, we saw the rapid rise of mobile access through popular availability of Wi-Fi and the mass marketing of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

People can access a website from anywhere, using a variety of devices with different monitor sizes and operating systems. Design compatibility becomes a major issue if you are not conscientious about creating responsive designs.

For 2015, we will continue to provide you with responsive websites. We know this is a must, at this point. So, expect to have websites that are accessible across devices and operating systems.

Write for the target market. Optimisation follows.
The years of misguided / malicious search engine optimisation have come to an end. With more stringent guidelines, SEO has become a precarious undertaking. You really need to be up-to-date with the accepted optimisation guidelines when you want to rank on top of search results. Otherwise, your website might be penalised by big search engines, such as Google.

This year and for the past years, we have been instrumental in the online leadership of many of our clients. Through diligent work and updated know-how, we are able to rank them on top of their industry through keywords that bring results.

Search engines list your website on the top pages. Your meta content directs qualified leads to your website. And, your landing pages converts them to actual clients. That's what writing for your target market does! And this is what we give you!

In the new year, we will continue to keep updated on trends and guidelines in order to provide you with optimised content that works!

Focus on the message.
Sometimes, we can get lost in the details. A nice graphic here; A good word there. When designing a website and its web pages, the focus should be the message. Do you want your site to sell? Are you trying to get people to sign up?

Each element of a website works together to relate the message. When this is done right, then you can convert site visitors into qualified leads.

For the new year, we will continue to sharpen our skills in getting your message across in the best ways possible. Through effective graphic design, content development and website planning, we make every web page work to get you repeat business and new clients!

Content is still king even in 2015. So, it remains important to have updated content on your website. A blog is a good way to do this. Not only can you talk about what's happening within your organisation. You also get to discuss topics that are most popular with your industry's target market. This helps in SEO, as well as creating good communications with your audience.

As something we offer you, we've made sure to keep our blog fresh and interesting. We want you to stay informed about our industry, as well as about our latest offering.

As a service, we bring together our writing prowess and our SEO expertise to provide you with content that reaches out and represents!

This new year, we will do both with as much consistency and quality. Our site and yours consistently need new content. We will research, write and optimise as best we could. Our goal is to have blog content that helps with site optimisation and PR.

Think about the user experience.
It is also important to keep the user's experience in mind when designing a website. It is never just about looks and content. We also have to consider how a website is planned and mapped such that it follows the natural impulse of your users, communicates your message and sells.

This is the ideal. On the extreme end, bad planning and mapping lead to bad user experience, which can then turn them off your website.

For 2015, one of our goals is to decrease the bounce rates of our websites and client websites. The idea is to keep our audience engaged through interesting content and eye-catching designs, links and Call-to-Actions. Keeping users on your website longer increases the chances of them making a purchase or signing up.

These are basic tenets of web design that have, unfortunately, been disregarded consistently by the very people who need to follow them.

For the new year, we will stick with these basic rules – while keeping our eye on trends, and new developments and approaches. We know that this is what it takes to stand out in Penrith as the region's best web design team!

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