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Keeping It Mobile: Basics of Designing With The Mobile Experience In Mind

Are you off to get an amazing website with the help of a Penrith web design company? Good for you! Having a website is a requisite to your business' success. There are no buts about that. The difference lies in the kind of website that you get.

A good Penrith web design company will work to get you a website that not only looks good. It also works to get you online traffic and qualified leads.


To guarantee this, your website has to reach the mobile market. Many people use their phones to go online. It is important to make sure that their mobile user experience is pleasant and hassle-free. A user that's turned off by your mobile interface is not likely to try again on a desktop. It is crucial that you impress your potential buyer regardless of the browsing platform they use.

Keep It Simple

The first rule is basic – you just need to keep things simple. Forget flashy flash demos or slides. Don't use too many images. Likewise, stay away from hard to load ones. Always optimise the visual aspects of your mobile website.

This is practical consideration. Since you want your audience to spend time on what you have to say, make it easier for them to navigate and stay on your website. This means considering the quality of their internet reception and phone.

While on your site, make sure that they can easily get the information they need. Include basics like your phone number and email address on the initial frames of your homepage. Make your website navigation logical such that it's easy to browse through your entire site.

Design For Touch

Phones today are designed for touch. You don't click. You touch, swipe left, swipe right, swipe down and up. Your Penrith web design team has to consider this in the mobile version of your website. Instead of making people follow endless clicks. Have them swipe to browse through the different sections of your website.

Focus Your Content

Your web design Penrith company better have an outstanding writer on board! Content is a crucial factor in how effective your website is in gaining traffic and converting site visits into actual sales. Gone are the days of trash content for the sake of conning the search engines into bestowing high rank.

Today, it is about engaging content. When a user visits your website, make sure that what's online is “catchy” and informative. Your content should be easy to ready and provides info that they're looking for.

There is a lot riding on how your website comes across on the phone. Devote time with

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