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If you found this page in need of a Web Design Company or Website Designer in Penrith, St Marys, Blacktown or Kindswood you've just uncovered a resource that can insure you end up with an affordable and professional website that actually converts!

Your web design website should include design and content basics, and work for you. Web Design team in Penrith creating amazing websites that convert for local businesses.

Why does your Penrith business need a website?

By now I'm sure you're already aware of why your business needs to be online, that's what made you search and find this page in the first place right?

The problem is though, having a website is one thing but really, if it isn't helping you grow what's the point...

If your objective is to gain new customers so you can sell more products and grow then you need to ensure your web design will not only look the part but actually convert!

Why does your web design need to convert?

It's simple... more conversions mean more of a return for you. Something tangible, dollars landing back in your pocket instead of you having to fork out more on advertising that just doesn't get the return you need.

Web designs that convert have been helping other locals just like you enjoy the benefits of more customers and increased cash flow. Some Penrith based companies have doubled and even tripled sales. So it is definitely important to get it right the first time!

Responsive web design, mobile sites, what does it all mean?

The latest technologies are important but what's more important is ensuring you don't get bogged down with hype and the latest buzz words.

It all comes back to looking at the expected return. Yes responsive sites have their purpose and mobile sites are responsible for converting a large portion of visitors into leads and sales, but even if you have both and your website still isn't developed as a proper sales funnel, it still isn't going to convert. So what's the point if know one's buying or contacting you?

In most cases, having a mobile website and standard website outperform a responsive web design. This comes down to the motivations behind a user's search on different devices. When you're searching on a mobile website, you're usually looking for contact details, directions or to find someone who can help you with your problem now. But typically when a user is searching on a desktop or tablet, they're more likely to be doing research or just browsing for entertainment.

By factoring this in to your mobile and desktop website's sales funnels, you will get a better result.

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