Thursday, 15 May 2014 18:40

From Website Visitor to Client: Designing a Business Website that Converts

One of the best measures of a great business website is its ability to convert site traffic into paying customers. This is, after all, a major reason for going online. You want your prospective customers to find you. And through your web design website and content, you want to convince them to buy from you, instead of your competition.

  • Get a website that impresses and engages.
  • Increase website traffic through white hat SEO strategies.
  • Convert website visitors into actual clients.

A common misconception is that you need to have an online shopping cart on your business website if your goal is site conversion. While online sales can determine how good you convert traffic into customers, it is not the only measure. Your site conversion can also mean converting site traffic into qualified leads. You do this through your website's overall visual appeal, layout, content and implemented online marketing strategies, such as a newsletters, memberships and free giveaways.

To get started with a business website that successfully converts traffic into qualified leads, you need the help of an expert web design team in Penrith. An expert team brings in their experience and know-how, which will ensure that you have a well-planned approach to web design and site conversion. Your team will help you focus on your goals and plan out online marketing strategies that guarantee a website that works for you.

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