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Designing to Improve your Facebook Marketing Campaign

You heard that right. There is some design involved when you want to improve your Penrith business' Facebook marketing. While Facebook has limited customisation features, there are marketing techniques that you can implement when you want to be more effective in driving traffic to your website.

Choose your profile picture wisely
The first thing that creating your business' page requires is a profile picture. This is the image that your fans will see when they receive your posts via their timeline. So, choose your profile picture wisely. Your image should be identifiable with your business.

The default is to use your logo. This can improve your target market's brand awareness. People begin to associate your business name with your logo.

Design your cover photo
The cover photo of your Facebook business page refers to the image that you upload into the header. And for local businesses in Penrith, you shouldn't just upload any photo. This is a prime spot – the first thing that your prospective clients see when they visit your Facebook page. You need to design and optimise your cover photo.

The first rule here is to choose a high quality image, something that can be positively associated to what you're trying to sell. Remember that people generally identify more with warm images that include other people. If you have something like this that you can use, do so. It might be a good idea to invest a few minutes and get out your DSLR to take some photos around your store. You might even want to get one of your regulars to pose for you.

Then, resize your photo to the optimal cover photo size of 851 (width) by 315 (height) pixels. Even though you can use any size photo, the Facebook platform will resize images that do not follow its suggested cover photo dimensions.

Wait! You're still not ready to upload your Facebook cover. A little more tweaking is required.

Remember what we said earlier about your cover photo being the first thing that your prospects see? It might also be the last thing they see. On Facebook, page visitors can change their minds and move on to the next page that catches their fancy. They might not take the time to read your About section and find out more about your business. They might not scroll down to see what else you've posted.

This is why you should make the most of your cover photo by including your website URL, business address and phone number, as well a concise blurb of what you offer. Tweak these into your chosen cover photo without crowding out your main image. The point is to give your prospects a quick preview of what you're about.

Facebook Advertising and Your Ad Image
Now that you're all set up, you need to get yourself some fans or likers. Your Facebook page is a way to reach out to Facebook users who fit your target market profile. This should be one of your main reasons for getting into the social media platform.

One of the fastest ways to get some following is to advertise on Facebook. The key here is getting your ads to your target market and, ideally, only to your target market. The likes/clicks on Facebook seem to come fast. But, if the like is not coming from your target market, you will be posting and marketing to someone who isn't likely to become a customer in the long run – it's a waste.

When you set up your advertising campaign, one of the aspects that you need to tweak is your ad's target. Try to keep it in the middle – not to broad and not too niche.

To make you ads more effective, choose the right image to go with your Call to Action. It should be interesting enough that people would actually click on it so they can know more. You can set up more than one image per ad. Facebook is set up to use the image that is most effective in conversion.

Catch Attention With Images
Once you've built your audience, you need to have consistent conversations with them. You need to engage them with your posts. You should try to lead them back to your website – where you do actual business – through your posts.

One of the best ways to do this needs a little designing and creative content. You need to create and share memes.

Memes are humorous images that contain an images (not necessarily original) and witty text. These images have a huge potential of being shared. Plus, in today's attention-deficit times, these can easily catch attention.

The key here is to think about your target market. What would make them laugh? What would get them to click on that Share link?

Going “viral” through shares comes next to Facebook advertising when it comes to reaching your audience. The best thing here is that it's practically free.

A Lot of Work Ahead
Yes, going on Facebook is easier said than done. There are a lot of things to take care of. And, the work is never finished. It is a good idea to consult with professionals about what needs to be in place, and what you can do. We can help you get started. Fill out the form above and a rep will get in touch.

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