Friday, 04 July 2014 11:57

Creative Web Design VS SEO: Is There a Trade-Off?

Like most businesses in Penrith, you will probably want a website that looks good. A creative web design website catches attention and impresses. However, is there a trade-off when you want to do effective search engine optimisation (SEO) too? Do you have to choose one over the other?

  • Have a website that looks good and works great
  • Impress and keep your online audience coming back for more
  • Get qualified leads and sell online

There shouldn't be any trade-off between looking good and SEO. Your business web design website can work for you like an ox and still look like a million dollars. The secret is having a web design team that knows what it's doing. There are key elements of an optimised design that has to be on you website. This includes good meta descriptions and image tags. Your text content has to be relevant and optimised too. Plus, you need to stay away all that useless flash. Rotating images are fine and can add to your keyword optimisation. However, flash is all code but no keyword.

We can talk to you about all this when you're ready to invest in a kick-ass website. Our extensive experience in both design and content development can help you sift through the details that you need to consider. We are experts in the field and have a thick portfolio of happy clients to boast about.

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